What are the bandwidth requirements on my network?

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Circuit uses bandwidth very efficiently for voice, video, and data. The typical bandwidth consumption per user on your network should be as follows:

  • Audio – Variable. Limited to 64 Kbps

  • Video – Variable. Limited to 512 Kbps

  • Screen share – Variable. Limited to 512 Kbps (static content uses less)


  • Minimum bandwidth (inbound and outbound) – 512 Kbps

  • Recommended bandwidth (inbound and outbound) – 1 Mbps

For group video calls with more than two participants, there is always one audio stream that requires 64 Kbps of bandwidth. Since the number of video streams is equal to the number of participants, the bandwidth requirement is as follows:

512 Kbps * N + 64 Kbps (where N = the number of participants)

On average, a group video call with 4 participants has a bandwidth usage of approximately 2 Mbps.

  • Outbound from the participant in all situations = 2.6 Mbps

  • Inbound to the participant with 5 participants = 3.2 Mbps

  • Inbound to the participant with 10 participants = 4.5 Mbps

If you are using mobile internet connectivity, ensure that you are in a zone with coverage that is using a 3G or 4G connection.

For details, please refer to the Circuit Design Assessment document.

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