Which mobile devices are supported?

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To use Circuit on your mobile device, you have to download the Circuit by Unify Application from Google Play (Android devices) or Apple Store (iOS devices).


You cannot access Circuit through your mobile device native web browser or Chrome, since they are not compatible with Circuit.

The following mobile devices support Circuit:
  • iPhone or iPad devices running the latest major iOS version.

    Backward compatibility with the previous major iOS version is maintained for some time to allow updating the devices.

  • Android phones or tablets running Marshmallow (i.e. version 6.0) or later.

    Please go the Google Play Store, check if your Android device is compatible with the latest version of Circuit by Unify App and download it.


    Rooted devices (i.e. devices with a root /superuser access enabled) are blocked on some systems by the service provider for security reasons.

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