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An Event is a Circuit conference that supports up to 1000 participants. The number of possible participants depends on your assigned Circuit subscription. The participants can be moderators or guests.

Events can be scheduled to take place at a specific date and time. When a moderator starts a scheduled event outside of the specified time window, the event is automatically placed in test mode where the maximum number of guests allowed to participate in is limited to 10 at a time. The event stays in that mode until a moderator selects to end it.

When a moderator starts a scheduled event on schedule, the event is placed in normal mode where the limit of maximum 10 guests does not exist. A scheduled event in progress will continue to run after the scheduled end unless a moderator selects to end it before.


When the event is scheduled, some extra time is added to its duration that moderators can use to get ready for the event.

Events with up to 100 participants do not need to be scheduled and have no test mode. You can just start them any time you want.

Moderators can use the features of the event to coordinate the conference and the audience.

  • Events must be enabled for your Circuit domain.

  • You must be a participant in an event as moderator.

  • At least one moderator must use the Circuit web client or Desktop App.

  1. Select an event that you participate as a moderator from the conversation selector list. The default icon of the events is .
  2. Click .

    The event session starts and all the moderators will hear a notification sound and which announces that the event is available for joining.


    If you are the initiator or the first moderator who joined the event and no others have joined yet, the message You are currently the only moderator in this event will be displayed until the next moderator joins.

    You are behind the curtain and the audience cannot see or hear you, until you click Raise curtain.

  3. If you want to ring all moderators rather than wait for them to join:
    1. click Ring all moderators,
    2. or click the Details tab of the event, find the name of the moderator you want to ring, and then click Ring, if there are specific moderators that you are waiting to join the event.
  4. You may do the following during the event:
    1. To share your screen you can click on the screen share icon.
    2. To mute and unmute your microphone you can click on the microphone icon.
    3. To start video you can click on the video button.

      Moderators and guest who are on stage can start a video. Only the active’s speaker video will be transmited, if there are more than one videos in parallel.

  5. To leave an active event, click Leave.
  6. To rejoin an active event you left, click Join event.
  7. To end an event, click the arrow beside the leave button and then click End event.

The audience cannot see or hear the moderators until one of the moderators clicks Raise curtain. During the event moderators can click Close Curtain and put the audience on hold.

The Raise curtain feature allows moderators to prepare themselves before the audience is able to hear them, to put on hold the audience, to align during the event and to have an internal wrap up at the end of the event without the audience.

Moderators can check the questions, that have been sent from guests, by clicking the Questions tab of the event. A list with all the questions will be displayed and the moderators may decide, if they want to bring a guest on stage by clicking the Invite on stage button. They can also remove a guest from stage at any time by clicking the Remove from stage button.

Moderators can also mark the questions as stared, answered or discarded.


Recordings are only done when the curtain is raised.If the moderator clicks Close curtain during the event, then the recording stops automatically and starts when the curtain is raised again.


To ensure that the guests of a previous event will not have access to this conference, you can generate a new conference PIN and URL, by clicking Change details from the Details > Conference Details screen.

The current participants of the conversation will be notified about the changes, so that they can communicate to the potential guests the new conference details (i.e. PIN and URL).

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