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The new Circuit Headset Integration provides Call Control functionality with the following Logitech devices: Note: You can not use Logitech call control in two applications simultaneously. For... More >
Mobile or push notifications can keep you informed about important activity within Circuit. While Circuit app is open and you are active on it, push notifications are kept silent. But when you are... More >
You can add tags to your profile to describe your areas of knowledge and expertise and your interests with which you want to be discovered by others. You can also remove tags from your profile if... More >
You can search for people with a certain profile tag in two ways. Prerequisites: Your Circuit domain administrator has to enable Profile tags for your domain. You have to enable the Profile tags... More >
Profile tags provide a way to describe your areas of knowledge, expertise and interests and make it easier for others to find you based on these. As a domain administrator you can disable profile... More >
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